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“A wonderful Community Centre…”

I moved into The Palms Lifestyle Village 9 years ago. I soon found out it was the right place to move. I had come from a farming and teaching background, but I soon made friends here. You see people around walking or taking part in the many activities that have been made available to us. It is up to individuals whether you wish to take part in these activities.

Management have provided us with a wonderful Community Centre which is well finished and laid out. In fact, one of my grandsons is quite sure I have moved into a resort. We have an in-house caterer who provides wonderful lunches + dinners. He even delivers meals on wheels during the week. Our movie theatre is the envy of many of my visitors. We have movies twice a week and there is no charge!

I really think I am very lucky to have moved here. The homes are well built with top quality amenities and lots of storage. Windows, gardens, and lawns are all taken care of. It is a delight to walk around the village to see all the gardens and even boats being sailed on the lake at the back of the village.


“We have never regretted our move to The Palms…”

Some time during 2015, my husband Barry suggested we have a look at The Palms Lifestyle Village. My first reaction was “I don’t want to live ‘in there’”; thinking it was some sort of institutional type of living.

We made an appointment and met with management, Daniel and Rochelle, who showed us around (our then much smaller) beautiful village. We were both really blown away. How naïve and wrong my first reaction was.

We initially bought and moved to Villa 100 in 2016, with the understanding we would move to Villa 95 (which was then being used as the Community Centre). Once the amazing new centre was built and Villa 95 was redesigned and completed in 2019, we moved into our fabulous new home which we just love. The grounds and facilities have many available options to join in and enjoy as much or as little as one would want to participate in.

We really enjoy living here at The Palms, feeling secure, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting new ones. We certainly have never regretted our move.

Barry & Sandra

“Life at The Palms is ideal…”

Life at The Palms is ideal for me. There are lots of activities on offer, and there is freedom to travel without the worry about the house or the garden. I love our swimming pool and movie theatre! I’m so glad I made the decision to move here while I’m still active and I’m able to enjoy the benefits.


“A beautiful and safe environment…”

I moved into The Palms 4.5 years ago and I wish I had done it years before. I live in a beautiful and safe environment, and I have met and made many new friends. There are plenty of activities in our Community Centre so I have a very active lifestyle. You can do as little or as much as you want, and everybody is very friendly.


“A great place to be…”

Just want to say that The Palms Lifestyle Village is a great place to be! We are absolutely loving it here.

Dave & Vicki

“I haven’t had to clean my windows in years!…”

I chose the Palms Lifestyle Village because of family, location and safety.

After my husband passed away, I wanted to be closer to my family. Since moving here, I have always had someone to chat to and am never alone. I just love it here and have no regrets!

The companionship is great – I’ve formed wonderful friendships here, which is really important as I’m on my own.

I like knowing that I’m in a safe environment. I also LOVE that I don’t have to worry about maintenance! Gardens are all taken care of, and I haven’t had to clean my windows in years! As it’s all taken care of!


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